Aceto Manodori – Fine, aged balsamic vinegar from Modena
Acqua – Water
Affettati – Sliced cured meats
Aglio e Olio – Garlic and oil sauce for pasta
Agrodolce – Sweet and sour
Amatriciana, All' – Pancetta, red onion and spicy tomato sauce
Amaro – Bitter
Antipasto – Before the meal
Aperitivi – Appetite aiding liqueurs
Arista – Loin of pork cooked on the bone with onion & fennel (Tuscany)
Asiago – Cow’s milk cheese from Veneto
Baccala – Salted codfish
Bambino – Child
Biscotti – Cookie, means twice baked
Bolognese – From Bologna
Braciole – Stuffed, rolled, tied, and braised pork shoulder
Bucatini – Fat hollow spaghetti
Cacciatore – Shooting Jackets
Cacciucco – Tuscan fish soup from Liverno
Carbonara, All' – "Coal Miner's Style", pancetta, cream sauce and peas
Calamari – Squids
Carciofi – Artichokes
Capellaci – Hat shaped, filled pasta
Campari – Bitter aperitif
Cannellini – Elongated white bean
Carni – Meats
Cavalo nero – Tuscan black kale

Ceci – Chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
Coppa – Mildly spiced, cured pork shoulder
Cotti – Cooked
Di Mare – “of Sea”
Diavola, alla – “Devil style”, spicy and hot

Erbe Aromatiche – Herbs
Escarole – Mild, bitter lettuce
– Beans
Fontina – Chow’s milk cheese from Valle d’Aosta
Formaggi – Cheeses
Fritte – Fried
Funghi – Mushroom
Gamberetti – Shrimp
Gelato – Ice Cream
Gigante – Giant
Gnocchi – Potato dumplings
Gorgonzola – Soft cheese, veined with a blueish green mould (Italian blue cheese)
Granchio – Crab
Insalata – Salad
Latte – Milk
Lazio – The Italian state Rome is located in
Melanzana – Eggplant
Misti – Compounds (mixed)
Misticanza – Classic roman salad
Mozzarella di Bufala – Very fresh pulled cheese from water buffalo’s milk
Nero – Black
Osteria – Tavern
Pancetta – Bacon (non-smoked)
Panino – Sandwich
Panna – Cream
Pecorino Romano – Aged sheep’s milk cheese.
Pecorino Foja De Noce – Pecorino cave aged in walnut leaves
Pane – Bread
Penne – Pens
Pepperoncino – Fresh hot chili pepper
Pesce – Fish, seafood
Pignoli – Pine nuts


Polpette – Meatballs
Primavera – Spring
– Ham (cooked and cured)
Pollo Arrosto – Roasted chicken
Pomodoro – Tomato
– Sauce or hearty stew for pasta
Ricotta salata – Aged and salted cow’s milk cheese that can be grated
Ristorante – Restaurant
Rosso – Red
Rucola – Arugula, rocket
Saltimbocca - Literally, “jumps into the mouth”, Veal, prosciutto & sage
Salumi – General term for cured sausages
Scabece – Poached in vinegar
Scapece – Dresses with vinegar & chili flake
Secondi – Second
Soppressata – Cured pork sausage
Sorrel – Leafy Lemon Flavored Herb
Stracotto – “Very Well Cooked” – Slow cooked meat dish
Tartufo – Truffle
Treviso – Type of radicchio
Umbria – The only land-locked Italian state
Uova – Eggs
Uva – Grapes
Verdura – Edible green plant
Vincotto – Cooked wine
Vino – Wine
Vino Nobile – Noble wine
Vitello – Veal
Zucca – Pumpkin
Zuppa – Soup


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